Press release from Bonn on 10 May

Press release from Bonn on 10 May


Bonn, Germany, May 10 2017 – Climate negotiations started on Monday 8 May with the dual objective of speeding up climate action by 2020 and preparing the guide to the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The role of non-state actors is, more than ever before, essential to assist States in re-assessing their ambitions and achieve the objectives set by the Paris Agreement.

In this regard, the Climate Chance Association and Souss-Massa Region presented this morning at a press conference the next edition of the World Summit of Non-State Actors to be held in Agadir, Morocco from 11 to 13 September 2017. This conference saw the participation of Mrs Hakima El Haité and Mr Inia Seruiratu, the two High-Level Climate Champions who came to display their support for this initiative. This Summit aims at providing an overview of the progress of climate actions by non-state actors. For that matter, Mrs Hakima El Haité tackled the concept of the Climate Chance Summit. She pointed out that: “It is above all a platform that makes it possible to make the link among all the actors who will implement the Paris Agreement”.

Mr. Inia Seruiratu, added: “The Climate Chance Summit is an innovation in terms of partnership that allows us to rethink how we take climate and development issues and create synergies between these subjects”.

Bernard Soulage, General Secretary of the Climate Chance Association, welcomed the fact that: “Collaborations exist between different international summits for the mobilization of non-state actors, including the World Climate & Business Summit (New Delhi, 31 August – 1 September 2017) and the DesertifActions Summit (Strasbourg, June27, 28 2017) “.

The press conference was held in a crowded room and attended by the non-state actors mobilized around this event, including Mr. Wael Hmaidan, Director of CAN-International; Ms. Anne Barre, Gender and Climate Advocacy Coordinator for WECF – Women Engage for a Common Future International, and a member of the Women and Gender Constituency; Mr. Yunus Arikan, UNFCCC Local Authorities Focal Point, and Mr. Arona Soumare, Program Specialist – International Negotiations Environment and Sustainable Development, IFFD, International Organization of La Francophonie. Mrs Margaux Jobin, Communications Officer for CliMates. Communication Manager for COY11. Mr. Brice Lalonde, President of the World Climate & Business Summit. Mr Marcos Montoiro, Civil Society Focal Point within the UNCCD.

Climate Chance Association:

Created after COP21 with the premise that multi-stakeholder dialogue and the enhancement of actions by non-state actors, especially in a territorial approach, are essential to support the States, the Climate Chance Association intends to beef up the international discussions on the different agendas of development and climate and in particular the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Souss-Massa Region:

The Souss-Massa Region is renowned for its commitment to sustainable development, particularly in the field of renewable energies and sustainable tourism. For instance, the Region’s objective is to save close to 4 million tons of CO2 by 2020. The Souss-Massa Region is marked by a particularly dynamic economic and social fabric committed to the preparation and the participation of the next Climate Chance Summit in the city of Agadir.

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