Created in the aftermath of COP21 with the idea that multi-stakeholder dialogue and the valorisation of actions by non-state actors, particularly in a territorial approach, are essential to support the States, Climate Chance Association intends to beef up international discussions on the different agendas of development and climate and in particular the implementation of the Paris Agreement.
Climate Chance is the World Summit of Non-State Actors of Climate. It assesses the progress of concrete actions implemented by non-state actors (LGMA / YOUNGO / ENGO / BINGO / RINGO / IPO / Women & Gender / FARMER / TUNGO) on an annual basis to combat climate change. It also helps to strengthen their common expression for the upcoming COP conference.
The target groups are non-state actors as defined by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), namely:
– LGMA, representing the governments and local municipal authorities,
– YOUNGO, representing youth NGOs,
– ENGO, representing environmental NGOs,
– BINGO, representing companies and industry,
– RINGO, representing research and independent NGOs,
– IPO, representing organizations of indigenous peoples,
– WOMEN & GENDER, representing women and gender,
– FARMERS, representing farmers’ and agricultural NGOs
– TUNGO, representing union NGOs.
This second edition is organized by Souss Massa Region (Agadir – Morocco) and the Climate Chance Association (Paris-France). It will be an opportunity to put a special emphasis on the challenges of the African continent and the countries of the South more generally.
The Summit seeks to provide space for exchange and debate in order to assess the climate action of non-state actors, with 5 plenaries, 5 high-level debates, 14 focus, 17 forums and between 40 and 80 workshops; the number of participants expected for this second edition hover around 3000 participants.
The preliminary program is put online, and the final program will be available early July on the website. On site, a full program will be available and distributed free of charge.
All non-state actors (LGMA / YOUNGO / ENGO / BINGO / RINGO / IPO / Women & Gender / FARMER / TUNGO): local authorities, companies, associations, unions, professional federations, non-governmental organizations, scientific organizations, donors, citizens engaged in action for climate.
The Climate Chance Summit will take place from Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th September 2017, in Agadir, the Atlantic Palace Hotel and the Palais des Congrès, Les Dunes D’Or.
Hotel Atlantic Palace:

  • Address: Sector Balnéaire Et Touristique, BP 194, Agadir 80000, Morocco
  • Phone: +212 5288-24146

Palais des Congrès The Golden Dunes

  • Address: Sector Balneaire Agadir, Morocco, Agadir 90000, Morocco
  • Phone: +212 5288-29900
Souss Massa Region is renowned for its commitment to sustainable development, particularly in the field of renewable energies and sustainable tourism. For instance, the Region’s objective is to save close to 4 million tons of CO2 by 2020. Souss Massa Region stands out thanks to a particularly dynamic economic and social fabric committed to the preparation of and the participation in the next Climate Chance Summit in the city of Agadir.

Souss Massa Region comprises four provinces and two prefectures:

  • Prefecture of Agadir-Ida -Ou-Tanane, capital of the Region
  • Prefecture of Inezgane- Ait Melloul
  • Province of Chtouka- Ait Baha
  • Province of Taroudant
  • Province of Tata
  • Province of Tiznit

Today Souss Massa Region accounts for:

  • 8% of the national territory
  • 8% of the national population
  • 6% of the national GDP
  • 1st fruit/vegetables and citrus zone of Morocco

It also holds:

    • 5300 km of paved roads
    • 1 harbor complex and 1 fishing port
    • 1 international airport and two aerodromes
    • 9 dams ensuring good irrigation of the whole Region
    • 154 classified hotels, that is 33810 beds
    • 8 industrial zones

For additional information on the city of Agadir, please check: http://www.visitagadir.com http://www.maroc-tourisme-rural.com/

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Registration for the Climate Chance summit is done online via a form, accessible at the top of the home page, from the “registration” button.

Your registration gives you access to all the programming at the Atlantic Palace Hotel, the Golden Dunes Congress Center and other sites of the summit.
Lunches are not included in the registration

Contributions are reviewed and selected by the Climate Chance Scientific Committee. This selection will be made with respect to a gender, thematic and geographical balance. This committee is also responsible for designing the program on the basis of the contributions made. It is made up of members of the Climate Chance Association

After selecting your profile, and according to your status, please download:

  • For an association: the statutes of the association of which you are a member
  • For any other status: the proof of your choice that will be validated (or not) by the Climate Chance organization.
No, the Climate Chance Association can not fund the attendees of the workshops. Contributors are responsible for their participation in the Climate Chance Summit, as well as for their travel and accommodation costs.
To find your profile (or major group), do not hesitate to consult the registration page which lays down the different types of structures of the major groups defined by the United Nations.
If you still can not identify yourself with a profile, you can contact us by e-mail: contactcc2017@gmail.com

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